Our Rules

We're all about FUN but safety comes first.

  1. No food our drinks brought into our facility.

  2. All guest must pay to enter facility except non skating parents.

  3. Guest are required to lock up shoes, coats, personal belongings or take them to your vehicle. Lockers are .50 cents.

  4. No hanging out outside in the parking lot, once you exit the facility you will not be permitted back inside.

  5. Keep your hands to yourself, no fighting, hoarse playing, or messing around.

  6. Skates are required to be worn at all times on Friday and Saturday nights except for non skating parents. You will be asked to leave if you do not have skates on.

  7. Do not carry children with skates on.

  8. Go the same direction as other skaters.

  9. Skate at a safe speed and watch out for other skaters.

  10. Do not play tag or chase other skaters.

  11. Do not sit on any walls.

  12. No foul language.

  13. Have fun and alert any staff member if you need help or have problems with other skaters.

  14. Parents, please make sure your children know how to contact you in case of an emergency if you drop them off. Also make sure you are reachable while they are at our business, if your child breaks our rules and is told to leave and you can't be reached we are forced to call the local police to take them off of our property.